Class ValidateCompositeDate.CompositeDateValidator

  extended by net.sourceforge.annovalidator.builtin.validators.ValidateCompositeDate.CompositeDateValidator
Enclosing class:

public static class ValidateCompositeDate.CompositeDateValidator
extends java.lang.Object

Class for validating objects annotated with the ValidateCompositeDate annotation.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean validate(java.lang.Object target, DateUtil.CompositeDatePart[] dateParts, java.lang.String invalidDatePartErrorCode)
          Validates a composite date, with each of its parts specified by a different field in target.
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Constructor Detail


public ValidateCompositeDate.CompositeDateValidator()
Method Detail


public boolean validate(java.lang.Object target,
                        DateUtil.CompositeDatePart[] dateParts,
                        java.lang.String invalidDatePartErrorCode)
                 throws ReportedValidationException
Validates a composite date, with each of its parts specified by a different field in target.

target - The object containing the fields defined in dateParts.
dateParts - An array of CompositeDateParts defining all the fields in target that contain part of the date to be validated, and what part they contain.
invalidDatePartErrorCode - The error code to use if one of the date fields contains invalid data.
true if all the date parts identified in dateParts can be used to make a valid date and time, otherwise false.
ReportedValidationException - If one of the date fields contains an invalid value.

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